Monday, 31 October 2011

A Special Halloween Confectionary Review

Well…… it wouldn’t be a proper Halloween if we didn’t try to eat something of an exceptionally nauseous type nature would it?
Before the mirth and mayhem that would ensue later on tonight, we thought it best to have a little something  to eat, before it all kicked off and while we were at it, merge our meal into  a confectionary review …
andys nokia 577
….. and look what Auntie Jan found us ….. vampire and monster veins ……… mixed with …..
andys nokia 581
…….  a few chocolate pumpkins balls that Darrell found in our village Tesco Express ….. which together make a pretty spectacular Halloween Bolognese ….
andys nokia 582
……. but as the old wives saying goes “the proof of the pudding is in the nomming”
andys nokia 586 
Vientastic ……Darrell gave our wondrous repast 9 noms, he said he would have given it 10 noms, but some of the foil on his pumpkin ball put one of his fillings on edge!
andys nokia 588
….. and from me ….. a thrombotic and arterial  11 noms!
andys nokia 583
Nigel, as you can see embraced the whole occasion with great  aplomb as it was his very first Halloween,  but we had to pass his veins up and under his sheet …. which was an almost medical procedure!  Happy Halloween!


Mr. D said...

Great. I hope you didn't use that bottle of HP Sauce on it. The nom score would have plummeted.

Monkey said...

We're glad you've noticed we're getting good at our subtle product placement Mr D!!!

Di said...

Happy Halloween boys! I spy a pot on the worktop in the background - not growing pumpkins are you? Di xx

Mr. D said...

Subtle? The bottle appears as big as Darrell. Do you have shares in HP? Is it used by Maj the Queen and all the MPs?

marc said...

red suace would look beeter like blood big love marc