Thursday, 29 March 2012

11A’s Charity Event

Last week, one of my favourite classes, 11A, had a charity event to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. 
There were posters akimbo all over the school advising us to bring in all our spare change as they were going to attempt to make the hospital’s balloon logo out of coins on the hall floor, how exciting!
Naturally, I wanted to be part of it all and robustly searched all my pockets (plus Darrell’s and Nigel’s) and Andy’s spare change pot in the kitchen, for as many coins as I could muster.
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Positioning my coins was a precision operation!!
money balloon
The girls had also made some very lovely friendship bracelets and since mine had worn out, it was an ideal opportunity to acquire a new one…….
But there was too much choice, and I am afraid quite a bank of anxious young ladies built up behind me all fearful that they might not be able to purchase one.
So in the end I told the young ladies running the stall that if there were any left over they could bring one to me in Resources, as I am sure whatever they bought me would be beautiful …… as indeed it was!


marc said...

well done boys as they say every penny helps big love marc

Mr.D said...

What a good idea to raise money. Well done.

Anonymous said...

LOVING that jacket Monkey!The buttons on it look awsome! Handome as ever!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - missing some letters there - it's the early morning you know - brain hasn't warmed up - does it ever I ask myself? JantheFan

Anonymous said...

Fun way to help a good cause....exciting with coins akimbo and bracelets akimbo.... really love the friendship's perfect....Dianne