Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Walkers What’s This Flavour

We are totally overwhelmed that so many of you have decided to join us, crisp packets akimbo on our quest to win £50,000 in the Walkers “What’s The Flavour” Contest ……
Walkers Crisps  1
For the past twenty four hours, we have adhered to a robust preparation schedule,  we have scraped our tongues and brushed our teeth diligently and have only consumed foods of a bland type nature, to ensure that our palates are in prime condition for the challenge we face.
Walkers mystery Flavour AWe shall start with Flavour No. A ….. they appear to be a normal crisp colour although they have a few black specks (which we assume is an infusion of spices as opposed to an insect infestation)
Mystery Crisps from Walkers
There is a definite cheesy whiff about them ….. the flavour is mild and subtle at first  ….. followed by a slight kick which we have failed to identify …… perhaps vinegar?
Walkers Mystery Crisps
….. After some discussion we have surmised that they could be sour cream cheese dip flavour with chives.
Mystery Crisps b Walkers
Moving on to Mystery Flavour No.B …… these are quite red in colour with the smell and tang of a very powerful foreign spicy sausage. 
021 Nigel's primed palette also seemed to pick up on a strong tomato over/undertone …… so we are going to guess the Mystery Flavour as salami/pepperoni  and tomato with a touch of paprika.
Walkers Mystery Flavour C
And finally Flavour No.C ….. again we could not help but notice the slight red colouration to these crisps …..
Mystery Crisps from Walkers
……. but without the previous slight uncertainty of the other crisps,  we all reached the same conclusion simultaneously and immediately ……. these are definitely Balti flavour!
Walkers Crisps  2012
…… and our crisp of choice from the three we have tasted, although if we were to be so bold …… we are not really enamoured by any of them and would not go out of our way to try them again, you just cannot improve on cheese and onion or salt and vinegar …… nomtastic! We shall now get Darrell to register our guesses …… and await our cheque!!


Athyn said...

wait i think that sausage must be chorizo..

Athyn said...

havent tried then tho. cant find em anywhere

Mr.D said...

I think the name "sour cream cheese dip flavour with chives" is too big for the packet. It may be simply "Cheese and chives." Or do you think they will be names like "Cheese and Owen?"
The next could be "Spicy tomato and pepperoni." Athyn - good call on the chorizo but maybe chorizo isn't a common enough word for a crisp packet.
Cheese and onion, Bovril or Barbecue beef for me.

Anonymous said...

You are obivously professional tasters with refined taste buds at work on this...Hoping you cracked the flavour code and fame and fortune await.....Fingers crossed while you wait for that call from Walker's.......Dianne

marc said...

i haven't tried them do they say suitable for vegetarians on the pack i would go with a Choizo flavour as its the first thing that came to mind even with out tasting as its every were at the mo you cant turn on the TV or go to a restaurant with out it having it some were on the menu

Mr.D said...

Marc, I bow down before your superior knowledge about chorizo sausage in the UK, not having lived there for almost eight years.
Mum might say "Chorizo sausages akimbo in the restaurants of England." Have they reached the menu at the Molineux or do the locals just order a "kipper tie" to drink?
(This means they want PG Tips from Monkey.)