Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Kind Thought But …..

Bless them, Darrell and Nigel saw this poster and were very willing to donate all of their blood, until I pointed out that they only need to take a pint at a time ……. but ….
Give Blood
…… I felt that I had to be robustly honest when I also told them, that though it was selfless thought, I wasn’t entirely sure who the medical people would give their blood to, especially Nigel’s! Since just the sight of his own blood makes Darrell go queasy, seeing a great big bag of it collecting beside him as he donated, might not be the best of ideas ….
Save a life give blood
I said that if they really wanted to donate something, perhaps Darrell should sort through his old clothes and Nigel his toys and  they could “donate” them to the charity shop up the road and I would give them free tea and biscuits afterwards!!!


Mr.D said...

A pint? Why that's very nearly an armful to adult humans. Little Nigel can't have that much blood in him.
Are they just after the tea and biscuits, following Darrell's Zulu/Zumba escapade?

marc said...

i think it was the tea and biscuites Mr D that those boys wanted lol big love marc

Charlie Beechey said...


I just wanted to let you know I have sent Darrell a message on facebook which I hope he is interested in!

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Charlie Beechey