Saturday, 17 March 2012

Nigel Finds Two Friends

Yesterday we sent Nigel to take the rubbish out after a robust session of rush photocopying at work, but we started to worry when he seemed to be gone for rather a long time ….. deciding that if he didn’t appear after another five minutes we would go to look for him, fearful that he might have tumbled into one of the mahossive bins due to his natural curiosity!
However, it seems that he had spotted two monkeys, just like him, sitting on the dashboard in one of the cars parked outside……
…… and had been trying to attract their attention!
Attracting Attention
He was soooooo excited, bless him …..
……. as were they.
twin Monkeys
We have since ascertained that they live with one of the ladies who works in the kitchen, so we’re are going to arrange a proper meeting for them all, Nigel hopes it will be in the kitchen, because that’s his most favourite part of the school ….. what is he like????


Mr.D said...

Will you be "Making plans for Nigel?"
He will be in ecstasy.
Or is that XTC?

marc said...

its good to make friends i just hope he dont point out their bare bottoms you woill have to point out to him that its not the thing to do but it would be polite not to say any thing big love marc