Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Darrell - Domestic Diva

Domestic Goddess
Darrell quite fancies himself as a bit of Domestic Goddess, or should that be Diva?Wolves Doormat 5
He is no stranger to a feather duster or the powers of Shake and Vac,  however, the Wolves doormat we got at Christmas is presenting him with a few problems …
Wolves Doormat 3
It seems to be making far more mess in our porch, chez nous, than the whole family’s mucky shoes put together  ….
How Clean Is Your House
….. as it’s continually shedding it’s coconut matting all over the place resulting in Darrell having to get down on his hand and knees with our Henry  to  try, robustly, to keep things ship shape, but he appears to be facing a losing battle.Wolves DoorMat 1
As per usual during every school holiday his constant refrain is how he ever finds time to go to work when there is so much work of a domestic nature to do and how “….. this flipping mat will be the death of me!”  What is he like? …. I shall start calling him Anthea if he isn’t careful!
anthea turner domestic goddess


Mr.D said...

The Wolves mat looks to be shedding fibres as fast as the the Wolves team shed goals. Maybe both are not up to the job.
How about taking it outside and smacking it off the wall? Maybe this would work for the team as well. Bring back Mad Mick Mac.
Hopefully the Wolves will come good and avoid relegation.
P.S. If I told you Darrell should be a god and not a goddess and a divo and not a diva, would you call me pedantic again? Maybe it is the teacher in me.

marc said...

MR D your so funny and i like the word pedantic it will be my word of the day i shell try and get it in to every conversation i have it makes the day more interesting when you have a word you have to pop in the middle of your convo peps think your mad or think they miss heard you i think miss clean and mad scream turner is a scary women big love Marc

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Darrell should be called Mr. Clean...Darrell must be a cleaning perfectionist; what admirable and outstanding attention to detail! ....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Marc. Thank you for your kind words.
I hope you managed to use the word pedantic lots of times. I like your idea of trying to include a certain word in every conversation you have in one day.
What word shall I use?