Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Totes Overwhelmed!

Charlie Beechey
This is our friend Charlie Beechey (above) who resides in the romantic sounding Milton Keynes, and who, out of the blue, sent us the most BRILLIANT present each.
Union Jack tissue paper.
Opening Charlie’s parcel revealed two little packages wrapped in Union Jack tissue paper, which is not only soooooo de rigueur at the moment, but, as we love the Queen so much, it is naturally our gift wrap of choice!
Union jack tissue paper
Inside each parcel was the loveliest monkey button
etsy shop susibee's buttons
We were both totes totes overwhelmed and robustly overcome at such a wonderful present of an out of the blue type nature.
Susibee's buttons
It didn’t take Darrell five minutes to find a pin so that he could wear his button as a badge, which he then kept on stroking.
etsy susibee's buttons
With the buttons was the tiniest weeniest envelope with an equally tiny weenie letter from Charlie telling us about the badges, which his mum makes, he must be very proud.
susibee's buttons etsy shop
xxx Thank you Charlie (and Mum) we LOVE them xxx, and we will be totes wearing them all the time.
If you want to see more of Charlie’s mum’s buttons have a gander at:-


Athyn said...

Lovely x

Mr.D said...

They look great.
I went to the website and the prices came up in Mexican pesos. I am using Mrs. D's "laptop chiquita" which was bought in Mexico.
Please explain "totes" as this says umbrellas and bags to me.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture of Charley...he really is adorable .. Love the monkey graphics on the buttons; great fashion accessory...Dianne

marc said...

totes are bags mr d like a shopping bag great buttons like the shop to good prices nice buttons big love marc

Mr.D said...

Marc - thanks for the explanation. I thought totes were bags and also an umbrella manufacturer.

marc said...

o one did not think they were talking street slang its just so un BBC and should not be used at all its just not British big Welcome to the home services English Hugh