Friday, 23 March 2012

Happy Birthday To Our New Boss Lucy!

Felt happy Birthday banner
Though we miss Sandra greatly, the world of rush photocopying and laminating takes no prisoners and our work continues at a robust pace. ……. We make sure we still see her every day and in turn are gradually getting used to our new (temporary) boss Lucy, who is very lovely and used to work on “Doctors” at the BBC……..
Happy Birthday to the boss
…….. though we try to pretend that we are not at all star struck, we can’t help but hang on her every word whenever she mentions her romantic TV past!!
Felt happy Birthday banners
Anyway …. we found out that it was her birthday yesterday, so we decided to dress up her desk in festive manner …. (just like they do at the BBC, we have since learnt!!!) ……
Mr Kipling Angel Slices
………  we also purchased a few iced comestibles of a cake type nature to celebrate the said Lucy’s nativity …….
Happy Birthday to the boss
….. and finally left a few cards and small presents to surprise her on her arrival to show a small measure of our growing esteem and affection for her!  Needless to say, she was very touched and had go to blow her nose in the copier room ….. then it was nom akimbo when she opened her cakes, upon which we feasted greatly for the rest of our shift!  xxxx Happy Birthday Lucy xxxx


Mr.D said...

Well done - the desk looks great.
The cakes look exceedingly good too.
A star in your midst, rather like being with Marc and Hugh in London.

marc said...

Well done boys you did a great job its always hard being the new person and hippy bath day to Lucy
i walk my dogs just up from the BBC
they are doing a lot of work in white city and some of the old BBC buildings are now gone and are being turned in to housing i walk my dogs were the last Olympics were held there are still flats there that were built as part of the Olympic village they have just be done up as they were looking worn down and sad big show biz wave Marc and Hugh