Saturday, 3 March 2012

Microwavable Popcorn

Heaven help me, Darrell and Nigel have discovered microwave popcorn and now it is their televisual snack of choice while watching amongst other programmes Coach Trip, Come Dine With Me and Time Team.
Eating popcorn
“Each box contains three packets, which each produce a mahoooosive amount of popcorn” Darrell told me … “So that’s …..  three evenings worth for 99p …… so that’s 33p a night …… so it’s all very economical!” which I think is his justification for us now having a cupboard full of the stuff!
Microwave popcorn
When they are preparing their evening snackette Darrell and Nigel put their ears right up close to the microwave door (which I don’t think is an entirely safe thing to do) waiting for the last pop!
Popcorn in the microwave
Sweet is their favourite variety at the moment …..
…….. but I am not too happy about finding “bits” on the floor in the lounge ……..
popcorn and tele
because I know the little blighters have spat them out at high velocity across the room when they have taken a whole handful of the said popcorn and have found unpopped bits in their mouths, absolutely disgusting!
Microwave popcorn


marc said...

a great fun snack and if you just have it plain its very low in calories ect so good for you but boring i like to make mine in a sucepan that way you get all the kernals to pop and its fun to watch it over flow like some 50s sifi b move big love with butter and caremal on marc

Mr.D said...

Made me laugh, thinking about the little monkeys spitting them across the room. Try to catch them at it and have words.
Marc, as mentioned recently, we also make our own popcorn in a big pan but with a lid to avoid it jumping out. You can make your own caramel topping too.

Anonymous said...

We're lazy these days and go the microwave popcorn route, too. Delicious, nutritious, and a great could one resist?? Plus, apparently it works for some sort of target practice!! Who knew?? Sounds like that needs some clarification (excuse)and creative (fictional) explanation .....Dianne

Pamela said...

I'm with the boys re watching Coach Trip!