Sunday, 4 March 2012

Darrell Goes To See Billy Connolly And Develops Temporary Tourette's Syndrome

Billy Connolly
Lucy treated Darrell to tickets to see Billy Connolly in Wolverhampton  on Friday Night, he was like a bottle of fizzy pop all day.

……. but unfortunately he has now developed a rather fragrant vocabulary, and I have been forced to take robust action of an avoidance and damage limitation type nature!!!
Lucy said he NEVER stopped laughing for the entire evening  and at several junctures she had worried as to whether he would be able to catch his breathe and start breathing normally again …… but now we have got to  stop him slipping in the odd unsavoury word ….. I have told him it’s OK for Billy Connolly …….. he is a professional ……
Billy Connolly Civic hall…… but in the world of rush photocopying and laminating and in front of Nigel it is not clever and it is not funny!!!!!
Wolves Civic
What is he like???!!!!


Mr.D said...

A professional swearer?
What a job.

marc said...

O ))(**&&^^^% IWAS GOING TO &*&^%$£%SAY SOMETHING BUT I CANT THE £"$$$%%^* THINK WHAT is it catching i am going to wash my mouth out with soap that what my mum would do if she was around to hear it big love its so not funny or cleaver ,love marc

Athyn said...

I would threaten to take away his confectionery and popcorn privliges if he doesnt knock it on the head..

Anonymous said...

Hope this is a short term phase and soon normal service will be resumed regarding Darrell's vocabulary!! Dianne