Monday, 26 March 2012

Darrell’s Weekend Televisual Viewing In A Nutshell

Though we like to be “current”,  it is often impossible to post about everything that catches our attention and interest during the week ….especially of a televisual nature, but with Britain’s Got Talent back and The Voice just started ….. it would be rude not to make comment, so we decided to get Darrell to sum things up as succinctly as possible on our behalf!
The Voice ……

Darrell says “Total pants ……….. …. what was all the judges singing and dancing at the beginning all about ?? ……. Awful set, trying too hard and too much red, looked like the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise in a Porn Film  …….. very much liked Jessie J’s hair ….. goooorgeous, but will not be watching again”
Britain’s Got Talent
Simon Cowell tells David Walliams off on the Jonathan Ross show
Pairing David Walliams up with Simon Cowell was inspired and genius! David will bring out the softer side of Simon, in fact I suspect Simon is in under David’s thrall already ……
In it to win it? Charlotte and Jonathan, a pop and opera singing duo from Essex, wowed the judges
And as for Jonathan and Charlotte …… they have got our vote already, I have to agree with Simon that Charlotte could hold Jonathan back as she is not quite a Sarah Brightman,  but with a bit of extra coaching they could do well.  When Jonathan sang his first note it was a chills down the spine moment. What a voice!! WE LOVE HIM!!


marc said...

LOL i am with you all the way big show biz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

Much talk here on this side of the pond about Jonathan...appears he already has fans worldwide....wishing him Good Luck...Dianne

Mr.D said...

I´m afraid it is all lost on me in Egypt.
I´m sure one or more of Darrell, Hugh and Marc would go down a storm on one of these shows.