Friday, 30 March 2012

Let Darrell Explain ……. Totes!

Mr D asks in comments ….. “Please explain "totes" as this says umbrellas and bags to me.
Darrell explains ……..  “Mr D ….. you got to get down with the slang, “totes” means totally ….. !!  You can sound even cooler when you add another shortened word to the “totes” like “totes amaz” – totally amazing, or “totes presh” totally precious! Our new temporary boss Lucy …… who is totes adorbs  (and, did we mention, worked on Doctors for the BBC) has taught us how to speak totes proper!!
And in America they even have a “Totes” cereal …… we are now writing to Kellogg's to see when we can get it here ……. choco rocks and shortbread, topped with raisins and squidgy marshmallows …… totes nom, nom, nom !!!


Anonymous said...

Totes Awes!!!

Anonymous said...

Learn something new every day. Like Mr. D, my experience with Totes is of the umbrella variety as well as other accessories. Thank you Darrell, I am now au currant and in the know and that is totes amaz (I think)! And you Darrell are totes amaz yourself...Dianne

marc said...

I cant see Joyce Grenfell using it so i wont be adding it to my vocabulary or dropping it in my word off today , i will be sticking to my good old BBC way of saying things that way every one will know what i am talking about big 50s BBC showbiz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Darrell - thank you for enlightening me. What about a new word - alongside nomtastic, what about totestastic?
Marc and Hugh - I hadn't thought of Joyce Grenfell in years. Thaanks for mentioning her. Neither she nor her character in the St. Trinians films would have used it.