Friday, 16 March 2012

All In A Days Work ….. It’s A Tough Job, But Someone’s Got To Do It ….. Filling In For Masterchef’s Gregg and John!!!

The young ladies GCSE Food coursework practical's are in full swing, and they have been looking for members of staff known for their refined palette to evaluate their work.
GCSE Food 1
I am one of those to whom the young ladies have bestowed this honour, knowing that I will give an honest and constructive opinion of their dishes and embracing the task fully, will probably ask for second helpings to ensure that my critique is correct! So yesterday I sampled the delights of posh salmon, coconut rice and asparagus spears ….
…. chicken gorgons, roast sweet potatoes and a seeded coleslaw…..
GCSE Food 5
…… followed by Moroccan meatballs with cous cous ….
GCSE Food 3
……… and then, I had to sit down, collect my thoughts and fill out all the young ladies evaluation forms. I think I could do a GCSE in eating exam food, but I’m not too sure if “nom, nom, nom” is a recognised culinary technical term (yet)!
GCSE Food 4
That was just in the morning, after lunch I was called upon to robustly sample cheesecakes ….. !!
Baked Cheescake tartlets
…… Fortuitously Nigel was on rota, so I roped him in to help me out a little …..  sampling the mini baked lemon and vanilla cheesecake tartlets …..
…… a morsel of bacoffee pie (coffee instead of toffee!) …. oh my life!!!
Oreo Cheesecake
….. our particular favourite an Oreo and lemon cheesecake …. of which we felt an enormous compulsion to embrace several portions, just to make sure ….. of consistency, fusion and seasoning!!!
Truffle Cheesecake
……. and to fill the last vestige of space in our stomachs ….. chocolate and raspberry truffle cheesecake, after which I phoned Darrell suggesting that he should perhaps prepare a light tea for when we got home!  It’s was a tough job, I know, but Nigel and I embraced each mouthful and watching Masterchef and Gregg and John has certainly taught me soooooooooooooo well!
Hmmmm ….. not sure who is Nigel and who is me!!!


Mr.D said...

Can I see your stomach getting bigger or is it a trick of the light?
Banoffee.... = Yes please
Bacoffee.... = Maybe (Not big on coffee desserts)
Baconoffee = NO!
Rather timely doing an Oreo dish - just after their 100th anniversary.

marc said...

Look at you Mr D a wealth of knowledge Oreo having a 100th birthday they have been doing a big TV campaign in england trying to teach us English how to eat them lol we would rather dunk than pull apart and lick , I would love the Bacoffee pie for i love all things coffee flavored 9i think its the high i get ) and i must say those girls all did very well i dont eat meat or fish but could see why some one would want to when it looks that good well done boys your nomtastic big love Marc