Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother’s Day Nigel–Whoever She May Be!

On Friday the school cook made some special Mother’s Day biscuits for the girls to buy for their mums.
Mothers Day Biscuits
Now, we don’t know who Nigel’s mum was/is (or if he ever had one in the first place) because, if you remember, he came to us free with a packet of PG Tips back in November/December 2010 ………..
Mothers day treat
……. but he was insistent that he was going to buy some, and who were we to rain on his proverbial parade?
Mothers day Biscuits 2012
So Darrell took him down to the kitchen to make his considered purchase, opting for the chocolate heart and shortbread combo.
Mothers day Biscuits 2
……. his little face was a picture, and for the rest of the day he kept on looking over at the packet sitting on his desk as he did some rush photocopying for the Geography Department.
2012 Mothers Day Biscuits
He then clutched it carefully all the way home on the Banga Bus, mindful that if held too robustly the chocolate would melt.  We have to admit to feeling a little sad for Nigel and although he didn’t have a mum to give his treasure to Nigel was totally unperturbed, just happy that he had been part of something. 
Love is all around us
When he got home, he put his dainties on a plate for us all to share …… and to quote the words of Wet Wet Wet …… “Love was all around us”
Mothers day Biscuits 4
The more observant of our readers (like Mr D) may have noticed some of our handiwork in the pictures …… Darrell designed and I laminated the signs for the biscuits …….. we are sooooooo proud!
xxxx Happy Mother’s Day xxxx


Anonymous said...

Wise little Nigel understands that maternal loving and nurturing can come from anyone in our lives and he certainly experiences both of those everyday. Excellent treat choice to share with his loving, nurturing family! Happy Mother's Day to one and all! ...Loving wishes from Dianne

Mr.D said...

Nigel is a good 'un. What a lovely gesture.
Congratulations on your handiwork being used for the sale. Your talents and fame spread even further.
The world needs to know - how many noms?

marc said...

i am with our first poster its the love that counts i had a little tear of joy in my eye it was almost a tiny Tim moment god bless us one and all big mummy day love Marc