Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop!!

Darrell has found a sweet shop in Stourbridge called Jessica’s which he says ticks all the boxes for what he looks for  in an  establishment of a confectionary type nature …….  he came back with eyes so wide they put me in mind of the enormous gobstoppers he had brought home with him!008
He said they had rows and rows of jars of suckie sweets, as far as the eye could see ….. too many too mention and all within his budget.
Rows of sweet jars And a pick n mix selection that made him think that he had died and gone to heaven, what is he like?Pick n Mix But the confectionary that had the biggest impact on him were the Olympic Size Mallows ……“Just one would take me at least a week to eat” he sighed dreamily. We are thinking about sending Lord Coe one to nibble on while he goes on one of his many Olympic Park inspections!
Olympic Size Mallows
Darrell was a little overwhelmed by the mahoooosive choice at Jessica’s, “Sometimes too much choice is as bad as not enough” he said whimsically ….. but he still managed to bring home several of the aforementioned enormous gobstoppers, an assortment of unusual flavoured lollipops, (Bakewell Tart to mention one), and naturally an Olympic sized mallow!!  Darrell is also wondering if Jessica has a significant other because if she was single he might offer his hand in marriage ……. oh good grief!!


Mr.D said...

Do they sell Everlasting gobstoppers?
When I was a child, in the early 1970's, we used to go to the Saturday morning cinema where you got Flash Gordon and a movie.
They used to hurl "Everlasting Toffee" into the crowd. They were a misnomer as I had always finished them before Flash was in some sticky situation (non-toffee related.) They could have been done under the trade descriptions act.
Darrell and Jessica? Would this be a form of cupboard love, as my mam used to say?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful shop! Who wouldn't be the proverbial "kid in a candy store"? A true confectionary heaven and assuming that would be a Darrell-Jessica made in confectionary heaven alliance. Just imagine the reception goodies for that wedding...champagne and a buffet table laden with confectionary!...Sweet Wishes from Dianne

marc said...

i went on their face book page and saw you there you looked like stars,i let them know what a great job you had done in letting folks know about them,who knows they may reward you with the odd sweet or two to try out big love marc

David Brown said...

That traditional sweet shop in the image brings back great memories for me - going to the shops with my sister with our half pennies and choosing what we wanted from the traditional sweet jars! Bliss.