Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Darrell Does Zumba……?

I despair …….. Darrell came dashing in last night, grabbed his “PE Kit” and yelled “I’m off to do Zumba….. put my tea in the oven and I’ll have it after the class”
He came back about two hours later, looking as if he hadn’t broken sweat  ….. When I enquired how he had got on he looked a little sheepish!  He said that he had had quite an educational evening because in his rush, he hadn’t really read the poster properly… and what he thought had said Zumba actually said Zulu! 
He added that it would have looked very rude to just leave, so he paid his 50p and accepted the nice ladies cup of tea, a custard cream and a hob nob….. and had stayed to listen to a very interesting talk on the Zulu Nation. What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Zulu - some people would have expected a film starring Michael Caine.
The Drakensburg Mountains in Zululand are spectacular.
Mrs. D does Zumba at the gym. I hope Darrell has got more rhythm for it than me.

Di said...

Oh perlease! Can you carry a giggle warning - I tend to read Mum's Monkey every morning whilst having a cup of tea in bed. Sigh, need to clean the keyboard again :( But, thanks for a good laugh, as always! Di xx

Anonymous said...

Darrell doing Zumba would be a sight to see! But if one finds themself at a National Geographic type event, this seems a good choice, and a great bargain. Only 50p for tea, a custard cream, and a hob nob! Not bad at all.....Dianne

marc said...

i think its far to much movement stick to cake and a quick walk big love marc

Mr.D said...

Just as well he didn't confuse it with Zuma - Jacob, President of South Africa.