Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Trip To Shrewsbury

Yesterday Auntie Jan asked if I would like to accompany her on a little retail therapy in Shrewsbury, which is one of my very favourite places to go to mooch and browse.
Shrewsbury Bridge
There are some very lovely old buildings there and I like to stand on the bridge over the river and look at the romantic and picturesque cottages ...
Visit to Shrewsbury
….. and wonder what it would be like to live and work  in such lovely surroundings.
braised Shropshire rabbit legs
There are also some very interesting eateries there, but when Auntie Jan offered to buy me a “posh lunch”, I am afraid I declined.  Though I pride myself at trying most things (once) I am a little reluctant to try rabbit as they are such cute creatures and as my friend Sarah has one that lives indoors it seems a bit like cannibalism …. and anyway as Darrell always says when thinking about trying a different sort of meat “…… It probably taste like chicken!”
Costa belgium chocolate tiffin
I did however accept a grand latte and a piece of Belgian Tiffin in Costa’s which Auntie Jan and I both agreed had just the right depth of chocolate on the top, nom, nom, nom!  Neither of us purchased anything on our little expedition but enjoyed the companionship greatly,  but I did remember to send our friend Hugh, who lives the showbiz dream in Notting Hill a postcard.


Mr.D said...

I used to do my Christmas shopping in Shrewsbury as it has lots of interesting shops.
They could do a period costume drama based round Shrewsbury with Hugh as one of the stars.

Anonymous said...

Never been to Shewsbury, but kinda might be worth it even if just for a piece of that Belgian Tiffin! 10 noms from here just by looking at it!

Anonymous said...

Perfect day in every way!....Dianne