Saturday, 10 March 2012

Collecting And Counting Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers 003
I have been given an additional seasonal responsibility by the PE Department, namely the counting of all the Active Kids vouchers from Sainsbury’s, which makes a very pleasant change from rush photocopying and laminating. I adhere to a rigorous, fail safe counting system; I staple the single vouchers in sets of ten and then when I have ten sets I put them together with an elastic band so that I am then able to count them in hundreds. The vouchers worth five points (from the rich people) are a little trickier …. so at the moment just I staple them together in sets of twenty which makes another set of a hundred points.
Active Kids
It takes a lot of concentration on my part and I don’t like to be disturbed during the counting process, but with due diligence, by the end of the summer term my work will be repaid by a mahoooosive delivery of balls, sticks and hoopy things as well as some rolling pins and saucepan stuff for the Food Department  It’s all very exciting!Sainsburys Active Kids


Mr.D said...

Well done - a very responsible approach to a very responsible job.
Hopefully you will receive so many vouchers that you have to bundle them in sets of one thousand.

Anonymous said...

Great organizing skills. Your dependability has shown those in charge you are ready for more responsibility. Here's hoping there is an endless supply of vouchers coming your way!....
Admiring Best Wishes from Dianne