Sunday, 25 March 2012

Park Your Yarn–Wolverhampton

Park Your Yarn
Well, we managed to get a few knitted strips done ready for our visit to Park Your Yarn,  but we needed a LOT of help as there was more to it than we first anticipated 012Park Your Yarn
Yesterday, Wolverhampton was bathed in the most glorious sunshine, so when we got to St. Peter’s Gardens we found that we were sitting under a tent without any sides ….. and there were custard creams on the table as well as wool, knitting needles and hooks!
016Park Your Yarn
Everyone was very friendly ……… and one lovely lady called Mandy even recognised us ……  we were totes amaz and overwhelmed when she asked if she could have her picture taken with us …… we felt very famous! We know this is a common occurrence for our friend Hugh  who lives in Notting Hill living the showbiz dream, but this was a totes new phenomena for us.
002 Park Your Yarn
As we have only just unravelled the mysteries of the knitting needle we were dubious as to whether we would get the hang of the crochet hook, but where I was all fingers and thumbs and just got all knotted, it seems that Darrell was something of a natural and he whipped up a square under Mandy’s supervision, just like that!!! 
001Park Your Yarn
Even my antics whilst helping to wind some balls of wool couldn’t distract him from the task at hand, he proved to be a most diligent and able student of the woolly arts.
006Park Your Yarn
So much so that he declined an aforementioned custard cream, because he said that he didn’t want his work to become all crumby and tainted, now that was a first …… what is he like??
009Park Your Yarn
Anyway, we have done our very small “bit” and can’t wait to go to the park again to see all the benches and steps covered with the strips and squares everyone has made and we are sooooooo proud to be part of it.
014Park Your Yarn
On our way home Darrell asked if we could just nip into the wool shop as he said that wanted to peruse some patterns …… he announced that he has dreams of making a reindeer sweater for himself for Christmas ….. and if he starts now it could be ready by 1st December ….. !!  Good Lord, what new monster has been unleashed on our lives now?


marc said...

well done boys its good to get into the spirit of things and you best start practising your signature as your on that road to fame but remember to keep it short as you might have to be sighing it 100s of times aday big showbiz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Fame at last - recognised when you are out and about.
You ought to ask Hugh and Marc for their suggestions in such matters.
A Christmas jumper can only be worn a small part of the year. Why not go for and old gold and black number?

Anonymous said...

Darrell's creative talents find new avenues to explore anytime and anywhere..genuine dedication to place one's crocheting above a custard cream, but them he is a real artiste by his very nature! Your fame is not surprising at all so best be prepared for fan adoration far and wide.....Adoring wishes from Dianne

Mr.D said...

Mrs. D and I are off to Egypt tomorrow. I don't know if I will have internet access. If not, have a great couple of weeks.

Anj said...

well done boys - there is nothing quite like a bit of hooky on a sunny day in the park!! x

Mandy McK said...

It was wonderful to meet you two yesterday. You are just as handsome in real life as you are here on the blog. We had some lovely sunny weather didn't we? Don't forget to come back in April to see the benches all covered with knitting and crochet (hopefully I'll see you there and your Mum too).
Big huggy squeezes,
Mandy xx