Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Walkers–What’s the Flavour?

Darrell returned from the village Tesco Express yesterday in a state of flux and heavily laden by packets of Walkers crisps …. “Our refined and discernable palates could make us rich!” he said excitedly.
Tesco Express
It seems that Walkers crisps have a new competition, they have made three new packets of crisps and we (the general public) have to guess what they are …. how mahooosively exciting is that? And if we guess the correct flavour we could win £50,000 …. which would come in very useful for us ………
Walkers What's This Flavour
Taking all this into consideration,  how rude would it look if we didn’t participate in such an exciting and challenging contest ..... but we must make haste as the closing date is 09.03.12 
Walker's What's This Flavour 1We have studied the rules robustly and we know we must divest ourselves of any preconceived ideas and any subliminal messages given off by the images and colours on the packaging because these are for “inspiration only” according to the blurb.   It’s no use looking at the ingredients list either as it has also been very cunningly put together!!
Mystery Crisps from Walkers
We have  registered on the Walkers website so that Darrell can  submit our considered guesses when we are sure we know what the flavours are ……  And we thought that tomorrow we could meet up with all our readers at about 11.00 am to have a little nibble/taste session together …… that gives you just about enough time to get to the shops to gather the aforementioned crisps and deep cleanse your palettes!! See you tomorrow then ……. a bientot!


Mr.D said...

They won't be straightforward names.
Ostrich & Sea salt?
Hedgehog & Lemongrass?
Polecat & Skunk?

Anonymous said...

How exciting Darrell found a contest full of deliciousosity and crisp indulgence! A DREAM contest, not to mention a mahoosive boost to the bank account. Keep your palate cleansed and go for it!!GOOD LUCK.....Hoping you WIN..Dianne