Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Park Your Yarn–Wolverhampton

Darrell came home in a state of flux yesterday, he’d popped into the Art Gallery for a little peruse of objects of an arty type nature and came out with a free carrier bag containing knitting and crochet paraphernalia including some wool, knitting needles, and a leaflet of knitting instructions for something called Park Your Yarn.Wolverhampton park Your Yarn
Now we don’t have a clue about the mysteries of the knitting needle, but we know a lady what does …. so we are going to persuade her everso gently to teach us a few moves, after all it can’t be that hard!!!
Park Your Yarn
If we can get to grips with knitting what we do will be put towards turning a bit of Wolverhampton, into a “Woolly Wonderland” and that would be sooooooo romantic and a special thing to be a very small part of. So we are planning on catching the Banga Bus  into town on Saturday (24th March) and going to the Art Gallery to take part in one of their events, we are sooooo excited!!


Mr.D said...

Will you go for an old gold and black theme?

marc said...

you could ened up knitting a freind its addictiv well done for trying some thing new big love marc

Busana Muslim said...

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