Thursday, 22 March 2012

Who Will Buy This Wonderful Day?

Now the weather is getting warmer Darrell and Nigel have taken to going for a short stroll in the school grounds during their break to get away from all the brouhaha of rush photocopying and laminating ….
……. and they have found a favourite tree …..
……. that they like to climb …….
…….. and then sit and muse ….
…… about things and stuff……
….. of no importance at all!


marc said...

i use to climb trees all the time when i was a kid it was my fav thing to do i wish i could still do it big love marc

Mr.D said...

Most amuse-ing.
It is a while since I last climbed a tree too.
After a muse, perhaps they could then ponder, cogitate, contemplate and ruminate.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful!
JantheFan x

Rebecca said...

This blog is one of the highlights of each day. I am disabled and can't get out much, so you, Darrell and Nigel have become my means of going on adventures.

Thank you for sharing with me!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely quiet place to muse about stuff and leave behind the brouhaha. Musing about things and stuff is essential to The Good Life. Muse on Darrell and Nigel and savour those moments....Thinking about you ..Dianne