Thursday, 8 March 2012

Doing Our Bit For Sport Relief ….. And Darrell Has Another Crush!!

Sport Relief Monkey Challenge
We are always gobsmacked by the people who “find us” and our blog and then write to us …….. so imagine how excited we were when we got an e-mail from Tatei who represents Sports Relief asking us for our support to help to promote Sport Relief Monkey Challenge‏……!!!!!!! We are so proud!!!! 
We have tried our best and have put a link to the Sainsbury’s Sports Relief Mile 2012  in our sidebar .... plus this short film .... starring the one and only  "original" Monkey from all the tele ads, who is one of our all time heroes (after Derek Acorah)
We are not sure if we will actually take part in the Sainsbury’s Sports Relief Mile .... but Auntie Jan and Vinnie the Volunteer  will be working at The Birmingham Mile (which starts at Victoria Square) registering the runners (and riders) ….
She and Vinnie have to be there for 8 o’clock ….. which is a bit early for us to be putting our PE kits on ….. but we are still considering the prospect  robustly …. and we are not ruling it out altogether!!
Monkey Challenge Sport Relief
……. Once Darrell, our computer wizard had sorted out all the links etc. for Tatei,  he decided to do a little research …. and found what he thinks is a picture of her on her twitter profile …….. oh good lord …… he now has another mahoooosive crush and is now considering asking Tatei if there are any openings for a qualified rush photocopier in her office!!  What is he like???!!


Mr. D said...

Third attempt at posting this comment:
If you tell Darrell that the lovely Tatei may be at the Birmingham event, then he will be up bright and early with his plimsolls.
Maybe Vinnie the Volunteer already knows Tatei and can put in a good word for Darrell.

Justin Bieber said...
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Anonymous said...

Spring is coming..Love in bloom....Darrell is a true romantic and does seem to wear his heart on his sleeve! It would be wonderful if he could meet his new Lady Love......Dianne

PS Al and Monkey are known by many here in the US for those super PG Tips commercials. Wonder why Monkey hasn't manipulated Al into coaching and supporting him and granting his every wish?

marc said...

You know need to get on to her face book and find out who ever she is she is indeed a looker and i am sure a very nice person who would love to know she has a fan base big love marc