Monday, 1 October 2012

A Trip Of A Lifetime Sorted ….. Thanks To The Lovely, Lovely Lisa C at Thomas Cook!

It’s been a rough old ….. sad old year …. and without Darrell’s  and Nigel’s robust, buoyant effervescence, goodness knows where I would be.  They have kept me together and made me laugh and sometimes sing, even when I didn’t think there was a smile left  in my heart ….
Viva Las Vegas ….. I have been musing a lot over the past few weeks about how much they mean to me and when I saw this quote it struck a chord ….
images (30)….. and then I knew I wanted to do something for Darrell and Nigel that was so special that they would never ever forget ….. to say a mahooooosive I LOVE YOU to them …..
Thomas Cook Wolverhampton Las VegasSo, in secret, I have been perusing travel brochures and formulating a plan …..
Las Vegas Luxor…. and yesterday I was ready to put that plan into action …
Thomas Cook Wolverhampton…. and so Thanks to the Lovely, Lovely Lisa C at Thomas Cook Wolverhampton …
Las Vegas signIt’s going to be Viva Las Vegas ………for Darrell, Nigel and me in 2013!
Thomas Cook Holidays WolverhamptonThrough the aforementioned Lovely, Lovely Lisa C’s tenacity and due diligence she found us the holiday of a lifetime, staying at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas next summer.  I have to admit that while she was away from her desk sorting out all the paperwork I became totally overwhelmed with feelings of an emotional and Elvis Presley bound adventure type nature.
Thomas Cook. Wolverhampton Las VegasNothing had been too much trouble and seeing my dreams materialise before my very eyes made my usual stiff upper lip go very limp indeed!
I intend to keep this all under my Stetson for the moment, as I am planning the BIG REVEAL on Christmas morning  …. with perhaps a few clues leading up to it during the Season of Advent.  I know there will be no doing with them after the BIG REVEAL, but I think I will be able to cope with the ensuing joy of their excitement and anticipation in the following months …. Heaven help me ….!!! Now shhhhhhhhhhhh not a word!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow, Wow, Wow - I am busting with exciting for you all. But mum's the word for now - I won't breathe a whisper to you know who.
Viva Las Vegas!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Sounds excellent! What a great surprise you have planned. I hope you can keep it under your ten gallon hat.

Di said...

How fabulous! As you say, there's gonna be mayhem once they know - our lips are sealed.......for a fee :)

Hugs, Di xx

marc said...

lol at di my type of girl but its ve va la blackpool that what i will be saying great that the lovely lisa c was so helpful i for one will be looking at thomas cook for my holiday plans big love marc

Anonymous said...

Well deserved good news for one and all!...lips are sealed but it will be hard to be quiet knowing the treat waiting for Darrell and Nigel...I think a ten gallon hat might be tooo big for Nigel; perhaps a pint might work better....Hooray for Lisa at Thomas Cook....Dianne