Saturday, 6 October 2012

Darrell ….. In Danger???

We had rather hoped that the return of our cockerel, Hugh G,  was the conclusion of some light hearted office japery ….
017However, there has been an ominous development …..
010…… in the form of a note of a very sinister type nature, found in our work sling …..
Ransom NoteThe spelling of “Darrell”  we have to admit is dubious to say the least …. as is the random mix of upper case and lower case lettering ….. Fearing the worst……….. but none the less it has shaken poor Darrell….
003…… letting his imagination run riot ….
001….. and imagining all sorts of scenarios!
What are friends forI am sure it will come to nothing, I’ve told Darrell it’s probably someone seeing the high jinx we have had in the office with Hugh G and them wanting to be part of the action, but as a precaution I have vouched safe that he will not be left alone with anyone who looks in any way suspicious or dodgy while going about his normal document shredding duties!


Anonymous said...

Oh blimey Darril - watch that shredder!!! It's the stuff nightmares are made of. Sleep well. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

This is hard to believe!!! Hang in there, Darrell....Have Monkey on one side and Nigel on the other....Dear, oh Dear, where will this lead?....Nervous Dianne

Mr.D said...

Call in the police! Get a few of Wolverhampton's finest on the case before something else happens.

marc said...

its all to close to home i am often grabed and chucked in to the back of cars by big burly men if it was not for my kung fu wok training and the fact i have round the clock 7 11 guards marc might be getting the same notes watch out for monkey brain recipes its halloween soon as well so they can disguies them selfs easy and no one will even look at them say danger stranger being tied up would just be the start they may give you a full boady wax or make you wear nylon shirts and safri suites in beiage or even tie you up with bruce on a 24hr loop or take your marmite and replace it with vegiemite big worried for you love marc