Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Spooky Shapes Sur La Jardin ….. Dans Le Nuit

I love the apron the PE Lady’s Mum made me so much I haven’t taken it off yet …..
Protection From Frost….. and the threat of impending cold frosty nights gave me further opportunity to test it’s properties of vestment protection to the full sur la jardin de Chateau Castle Greyskull ……
Frost Protectors…… as we all had to pull together to put fleecy covers on all of Andy’s palm trees to afford them warmth and shelter through the perils of the long wintery months that lie ahead.
Protecting Palms from Frost They looked a little strange in the daylight,  but ………..Halloween Ghostly shapes ………. we found that at night that they take on a whole new unearthly spookiness ….and caste very creepy Derek Acorah type shadows on the patio…..
Ghostly Shapes on Halloween Night….. and as a result we have decreed to only go in pairs to fetch the washing in after nightfall from now on!  What are we like??


Anonymous said...

A pair of big girls blouses - that's what you're like - but with a heart of gold and that's the main thing.
Whoo hoo - careful as you go it's Fright Night coming along soon - goodness knows what you might find lurking in the shadows.......BOO
JantheFan x

marc said...

you should stick big scary black /red / yellow paper eyes and mouth on them so they look even more like ghosts a quick way to dec the garden for that special night lol jan the fan made me jump with her BOO big love marc

Anonymous said...

They are going to cast very spooky shadows in the moonlight...especially during the full moon....but if they become too unnerving, you could always make them into Casper the Friendly Ghost! autumn nights and the harvest moon!!!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Maybe put some lights inside the fleecy covers and they will look scary.