Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cooks Halloween Promo Week

Is this the happy smiling face of Halloween?
Ghosts and GhouliesWe are all now having a well earned half term break after a week where all “skellybob” hands were to the pump for Cooks Halloween Kitchen Promo.
Gruesome Halloween CakesDarrell was put in charge of promo posters, something he is getting quite a reputation for …… he said that it is always a challenge to come up with something new to help entice the young ladies into the kitchen to sample Cooks recipes of a “rather seasonally gruesome” type nature, adding that poster design was always a very welcome distraction  from the rigours of his usual occupation as Confidential Document Shredder Operative.
Halloween BalloonsCook gave Nigel the heady responsibility of blowing up all the festive balloons, something he did with great gusto.
Halloween PumpkinBut, despite Nigel’s overwhelming enthusiasm, Cook decided against letting him loose with a carving knife on the pumpkins for this year at least, saying that he needed to complete his “Wielding Using Sharp And Dangerous Kitchen Utensils in a Safe Way” Health and Safety Course first. ….. heaven help us!
Halloween FaceBut there were lots of other decorations for Nigel and Darrell  to help Cook put up ….
Halloween Poster….. and a fair few comestibles to sample, which were unfortunately robustly consumed before I could take any photos ….. or try any for myself!
Halloween WeekWhat are they like?
Halloween Spiders


Mr.D said...

Nigel not only needs to complete his “Using Sharp And Dangerous Kitchen Utensils in a Safe Way,” he needs to pass it to avoid any accidents which could look like Halloween in real life.

Di said...

I recommend NOT allowing Nigel access to sharp implements ever. He's bound to decide to play pirates or summick - pretending to be Errol Flynn whilst wielding a paring knife - lock those knives away! Di xx

marc said...

he should not be given sharp knifs but chain saws and axas would be ok as would great big swords and bow and arrows o and those electric things they use on cattle to move them a cattle probe i think its called my mum used one off them on me to get me to school it never did me any harm in fact its very helpful that at night i have a slight glow about me lol happy halloween time big just cut my hand of wave marc and Hugh

Anonymous said...

That is a Happy Halloween face....but like everyone else says, the possibility of giving Nigel a sharp knife is pure Halloween terror! Has Hollywood missed out on a great slasher script about an ernest young monkey innocently wreaking havoc on one and all as he wields his sharp knife???...Stephen King might be interested in that storyline... The thought of Cook's recipes of a rather seasonally gruesome type brings shivers up and down the spine; very SPOOKY! Love the decorations; they are sooo much fun!..Dianne