Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Last night we decided to embrace a premature Halloween … because Darrell won’t be with us tonight as he is bound for London to spend a few days with our friend Hugh in romantic Notting Hill and indulge in a little of his showbiz life.
Apple BobbingAfter robust and, at times, heated debate it was finally agreed that after Nigel’s recent disappearance it would not be the most sensible of ideas to allow him to go out “trick or treating” …Happy Halloween….so we organised a little festive apple bobbing chez nous for him ……
Halloween Games Bobbing Apples…. well, in truth…. pear bobbing , because Darrell made a “bit” of a mistake when he was popping things into our online shopping basket ….. unfortunately before you could say Granny Smith ….. Red Bartletts were being checked out!  What is he like?Bobbing Apples…. but apples or pears ….it really didn’t matter to Nigel ….
Good GriefHe embraced the activity with all his usual joie de vivre …. although we never intended him to get quite so wet!
Halloween GamesBless his little cotton socks!


Anonymous said...

Fun and games boys! Can't wait to hear about what Darrell gets up to in the Big Smoke!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Have fun with Hugh and his big showbiz lifestyle. I am sure you will have a wonderful time and the photos will be good enough for Hello! magazine, if not better.
Nigel must be very strong to be able to pull out such a huge fruit.
Maybe Nigel should wear one of those child alarms that go off if he wanders too far. On second thoughts, this could be considered like a criminal's ankle bracelet and not suitable as he may think he is under house arrest.

Di said...

Trust Nigel to end up swimming with the pears - did you tell him it was bobbing for apples/pears rather than diving for them?! Huh, huh?!!

I'm with everyone else, waiting for full details of Darrell's London adventure - is he taking his 'hairpiece'?

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Granny Smith bobbing or Red Bartlett bobbing, all good traditional fun and with an added bonus of being part of your five a day..Nigel's ever present enthusiasm is always a joy to behold!...Can hardly wait for those tales of London and Hugh's glamourous show biz much excitement this side of the pond as we wait for the posts and pictures!...Happy Halloween from all here!!....Dianne

marc said...

we have lots of spooky peeps dreesed up and roaming the streets of london looks like you had fun big love marc ,i cant say much but we had a fab time