Thursday, 11 October 2012

Marmite Gold

After a robust shopping mission Auntie Jan has finally procured for us several jars of Limited Edition Marmite Gold!
Marmite GoldWhen she arrived at Chateau Castle Greyskull brandishing her bootie we felt so blessed and overwhelmed in a Hello magazine type way, and although we fully intended  to keep the aforementioned Marmite Gold for the festive season,  we have to admit to being very Marmite curious as to how it looked and tasted……
Marmite Gold.….. and could not help ourselves in putting just a couple of slices of wholemeal into the toaster ….. and unscrewing the jar’s lid …..
Limited Edition Marmite Gold…….. so that the mysteries and wonderment of its contents could at last, be revealed upon to us ….
Gold marmite…. it did not disappoint …… for indeed we found that  the “gift of gold” had the most glorious and most romantic shimmer to it ….
Limited Edition Gold Marmite…… through the ingenious infusion of gold coloured flecks …..
Marmite Gold....….. which had us almost humming  “Mistletoe and Wine”  …… but not quite …. as we don’t like having anything of a Cliff Richard type nature on our lips as he gives us the heeebby-jeeeebbies (not dissimilar to the ones Paul McCartney gives us).
Marmite Gold Limited EditionWe then called Nigel to give his considered opinion, which was …. and we quote “Gold, always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know, you're indestructible. Always believe in, because you are …. Gold !” followed by a great deal of nomming …… what is he like?


Mr.D said...

Not quite wise words from Nigel. Words from Spandau Ballet instead.
You have made my mouth water.

marc said...

it may be gold to some but others would see it as lead as some do and some dont but i would buy it for my friends who do and just for the jar as it is shiney big love marc

Anonymous said...

By now I shouldn't be surprised at Nigel's insightful, perceptive words of wonder and wisdom, but he makes my day every day when he shares these gems....Gold Marmite is a obviously a true golden very impressed with that jar and it's golden contents...who knew you could have such sparkle on your toast??...Dianne

Di said...

I don't really dare say this, is the gold totally digested? Or are there sparkles in your toilet bowl boys? Only wonderin'. Di xx

Mr.D said...

Naughty, naughty Di. Does it sparkle where the sun doesn't shine?