Monday, 15 October 2012

Pickled Onion Time Is Here Again!

When it comes to mid October our raison d’etre focuses on the preparation  of our favourite  festive comestible of choice …… our  homemade pickled onions ….
pickled onionsWe thought that perhaps this year we might give them a miss, but as they are one of the betrothed Lovely Laura’s favourite Yuletide indulgences, how could we deny her an epicurean Christmas crunch? ….. And, although it is a chore none of us relish, we know that during our Xmas celebrations and meals of a buffet type nature  we would reap the spoils of our toils a thousands fold in deliciousness ….. so with jars collected and vinegar accumulated by the gallon … yesterday the peeling, the crying…..  and the ponging commenced with renewed and robust fervour.
004It only took us the duration of the Sunday omnibus edition of the Archers to peel the entire sack, which wasn’t too bad going ….. and as we were laughing so much it was hard to know if the tears were a result of the onions or Darrell’s awful jokes!!
008The onions are now in a cool dark place (namely our garage) where we will leave them to pickle for the next eight weeks or so …. whilst dreaming of our Boxing Day lunch …. of cold cuts, chips and the afore and much mentioned pickled onions …. accompanied by few slices of bread and butter …… when it will be nom, nom, nom instead of pong, pong, pong!!! Happy Days!


Anonymous said...

Is there a spare seat at this aforementioned Boxing Day lunch, sounds rather delish to me! So does this mean Tom Archer's Ready Meals are off the menu and it's pickled onions instead?
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Now that is true dedication of an admirable sort! Your hard work will bring true festive joy to your loved ones as they nom, nom, nom on that special holiday feast....that's a job well done and they do look gorgeous as they are pickling away in their cool hideaway....Dianne

Di said...

Wonderful! Sigh, now I feel shamed into looking for pickled onion ingredients this week.........and perhaps even homemade piccalilli might be on the cards. Failing that, can I please come along for the Boxing Day feast too? I can bring a ham cooked in Coca Cola :)

Hugs, Di xx

Mr.D said...

I hope none of the guests gets pickled with drinking too much punch and egg flip.

marc said...

lol mr D your a one you are made me smile i love pickle onions but they give me heart burn ricks dad makes ours and damson cheese and relish of all sorts of things so you boys have done well big love marc

Mr.D said...

Hi Marc,
I am pleased to make you smile. Damson cheese and relish - you have made my mouth water.