Sunday, 7 October 2012

An Evening Of X Factor Travesty's …… Including Miming??????

A couple of people have remarked that we haven’t as yet critiqued this years X Factor …. well, to be honest, we made a deliberate decision to refrain from comment until the “live” shows and then stir up a right hornets nest of robust debate!
X factor snacksWe prepared for last nights event by availing ourselves of a mahoooosive box of Maltesers, currently on offer at our local Tesco Express for £2, (bargain-maltesertastic) …. and much pillow plumping, for optimum comfort.
Dermot's Dad Dance X FactorThe show started well for Darrell as Dermott has continued to do his “dad dancing intro”, at the start of the show, which has become one of Darrell’s guilty pleasures …..
…… But then at 8.11pm came the first travesty of the evening …… we can pinpoint the exact  time of our displeasure disgust as we like to x-text (as we call it) our best friend Hugh, who lives the show biz life in Notting Hill, throughout the show …..
X Factor TravestyWe all gasped aloud when it was announced that Christopher Maloney had won the Wild Card vote …… no way ……
Amy Mottram X Factor robbed…. Amy was well and truly robbed ….. it was like the dodgy voting on the Eurovision Song Contest all over again!!  026…. and then to add further insult to injury, when Christopher came out and did his song we swear (really bad swear words) that he was miming …… and to be honest at this point we just wanted to turn over ….. what with One Direction coming on all folded arms and sulky expressions …. and dancers that looked like drag queens (no offence to proper drag queens) and as for Rylan …… don’t get us started ….
RylanBut we wanted to see one act just to confirm our following Derek Accorah type prophecy …….  we predict now ………. and state our case …….. of which we are certain ….. that ….
Ella X Factor……. Ella will be the winner ……. as she is street’s ahead of the rest already …. which means we don’t have to watch anymore of this tripe ‘till Christmas!!! So next week we are going to give “Strictly” a go ….. just turning over while Bruce Forsyth is on, as he gives us the heaving heeeeby jeeebies!! And remember,  you saw it here first ….. Ella will win X Factor !!


Anonymous said...

I'll only be watching XFactor for Ella. As for Strictly - not to be missed in this household. If you didn't see Lisa Riley on tonight's show try catching it on iplayer - she is not to be missed!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Pillow plumping and that huge box of the magnificient Maltesers (great bargain there!) signals serious TV watching.....being comfy is always essential even if you are on the edge of your seat with excited anticipation...Love you..Dianne

MorningAJ said...

Lisa's dance on Strictly was brilliant. Gotta be better than X factor!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh, Bruce F does that to me too, totally spoils my SCD your Xfactor commentary, don't feel the need to watch it all on repeat now!!

Mr.D said...

I won´t see any of this where I live. More importantly, I won´t see any boxes of Maltesers either, bargain-maltesertastic or not.

marc said...

we text as we watch but its scary as we often text the same thing and we have guessed every out come so far sir bruce is the marmite of the tv world i dont like him we like both tv shows so i do watch both big love marc