Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nigel Introduces Baguette of The Month ……..

Nigel informs us that …….
Baguette of the Month….. the baguette of choice for the bewitching month of October is devilled chicken with sweet chilli, “witch” he will be mostly eating every day with his Healthy Option salad pot. ……. he tells us that “The sweet chilli brings out a certain piquancy that enhances the flavour of the chicken and can thoroughly be recommended!”  What is he like?
JubblyHe will then follow his aforementioned baguette and salad pot  with a Jubbly. We feel sure that the more mature of our readers will undoubtedly remark upon how the Jubbly of their memory and youth appears to have shrunk alarmingly over the passing years ……. they used to be mahooooosive!


Anonymous said...

Well this more mature reader certainly is commenting on how big they used to be!!! It's not only jubblys that have shrunk over the years I have found. But that is another debate, another time.
Like the sound of that devilish baguette, makes my mouth water at the very thought, I'm off to have my breakfast.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe of Nigel! His culinary descriptions and reviews are sooo professional....never had a Jubbly but also do lament the incredible shrinking sizes of favourite treats....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Lovely Jubbly. They still are massive compared to Nigel, that eloquent and loquacious young monkey about town.
I made a huge batch of spicy pepper and tomato soup to keep me warm over the coming months.

marc said...

they are small you use to have to hold them in two hands and if frozen you had to stay away from the docks incase you droped it in the water and sunk a ship look at the titanic if that girl had just kept her jubbly wraped in newpaper it would be a different story and to top it all they have gone posh calling them selfs a smoothie in my day they were full of alphbet letters and numbers its how i lerned to spell and count mind you that orange is the colour of the fake tan in essex this october big love marc i think they are calling the tan halloween delight