Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Badminton Coaching Day

Brenda the PE Lady had organised a shuttlecock Badminton Coaching Day for yesterday and invited Darrell and Nigel along to see if it could be a potential sport of choice for them …. as she worries deeply (at times) about their combined level of fitness.
Badminton Coaching DayBoth Darrell and Nigel admitted to being a little Badminton curious …. and so accepted Brenda the PE Lady’s kind invitation with open but I am afraid, slightly mischievous frames of mind …
Badminton Coaching  ….. because I think Nigel’s curiosity was bound more by the mention of the word “shuttlecock” …….Feather shuttlecock……  than by actually partaking in the aforementioned sport and becoming cognisant with its rules and regulations
Badminton Coaching.…. and Darrell didn’t help their  tangible mood of silliness either by constantly tapping the back of Nigel’s head with a racquet he found and wondering out aloud as to how far he could launch Nigel over the net with it !
Feather shuttlecock.I have told them that I am totally ashamed of their asinine behaviour and as such have insisted that they go to see Brenda the PE Lady and apologise robustly for not taking the golden opportunity of improved physical fitness she had offered them seriously, adding that it would serve them both right if she gave them a black bin bag each and made them pick up all the fallen leaves off the cross country trail before the next training session!!! What are they like?


Mr.D said...

Brenda the PE lady could make them do shuttle runs to get fit.
Nigel could fashion an Indian headdress out of an old shuttle. Maybe he could be big Chief Running Nose?

Anonymous said...

Love badminton myself; used to have a court in the back garden...grass court badmintom!! But it is a funny word (as well as shuttlecock) and bound to bring laughs from you know who!...Those two need inspiration from their beloved Wolves team for fitness of an Official Sports Team sort!...Dianne

Anonymous said...

What about Taekwond? Judo? Jujutsu? Great masculine sports.

marc said...

Mr d i like the headdress thing you said janthefan is needlepoint and knitting masculine sports to do as they both involve sharp objects that could poke a eye out or are they not sports as such is pie eating a sport if so i think the boys would be good at that big love marc i wish i had seen Nigel fly