Sunday, 14 October 2012

Winter Flowering Pansies

There’s a nip in the air, the leaves are beginning to fall and we need to think about injecting a little colour into our garden so that the coming bleak months won’t be quite so devoid of flowery hues in a Chateau Castle Greyskull in bloom type way!
winter pansiesAndy always used to sort out matters of this type nature for us and we’re afraid we took all his planting activities and abundant pots for granted, but now, as the “men of the house” it’s a job we need to step up to.
Gardeners WorldSo for this first planting session we have gone for a selection of winter flowering pansies that Granddad Colin found for us at the local garden centre …..
winter pansies. ….. in shades of purple, orange and cream …..
pansy box…. which we think/hope Andy would approve of.
small window boxSo far we have done the box in the front and the window box at the back….
025 …. but we have a couple of pots still to do, so we are going to look for something else for them, but we are not sure what …. perhaps when we next go to the market we could ask for some advice for a flamboyant wintery display.   We really are on a steep learning curve of a horticultural type nature!


Di said...

Aw boys, Andy would be proud of you - and maybe he would suggest some miniature cyclamen? They come in all shades of red and pink, although those lovely pansies are hard to beat. I would suggest 'flowering cabbages' but fear for Nigel's well-being as he'd be plotting to eat them in bubble and squeak for sure. Hugs, Di xx

Christine said...

If you want to encourage squirrels we have found that you just need to plant any type of bulbs - daffodil, tulip, hyacinth. We have tried putting curry powder round the bulbs this year, but it has been no deterrent.

Anonymous said...

Well done boy for taking on the gardening role. Andy would be so proud! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you plant.

You've inspired me to go into the garden today to plant the bulbs I bought a week or so ago. I got some snowdrops as they remind me of my granddad, and some bright coloured crocuses that'll hopefully be very cheery when they appear in the coming months.

Julia Dunnit said...

Nice work..and every time you pass them, you'll be chuffed with your work and think of win.

Mr.D said...

Well done trying to step into Andy´s big shoes. Do they sell old gold flowers down at the Wolves shop?

Anonymous said...

Love pansies...they are a winter flower here, too....we always have a nice size display...Super gardener Grandad Colin would know just the right choices for your winter garden and also what would please Andy....your flower boxes look all are doing an absolutely great job as men of the house....Much Love..Dianne

marc said...

A pansy is good on my books i also like wall flowers they can be grown in pots and my fav daffs of alsorts and ivy to fill in the spaces you pots look fab well done you big love marc