Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Concern Re: Darrell’s Bowels

Charmin Toilet RollI have to admit to having great concerns about the time Darrell has been spending in the bathroom of late ….discarded toilet paper….. especially as our toilet paper consumption has gone up alarmingly. I was so robustly worried that Darrell might have a “bottom problem” and was too frightened to tell me that in the end I couldn’t  fret in silence any longer ….
Toilet Paper Origami… and decided to confront him in situ ….
Toilet Paper Origami cInstead of a worried soul contemplating his troubles of a bum type nature, I was found a happy humming Darrell with nothing appearing to be untoward at all!   Admittedly, he jumped a little when I entered his innermost sanctum,  but when I broke down told him how concerned I had been over the time he had spent locked away … he laughed and explained that …..bookReviewTPorigamiE ………he had found something about toilet paper origami whilst Goggling and it had inspired him to have a go!
Toilet paper foldsHowever, he was finding it a little harder than he thought as the aforementioned toilet paper had a propensity to tear just as his creation was complete and so far all he had managed to complete was a triangle fold!
Toilet paper bowHis ambition was to make a bow …. but so far he had only managed that by cheating.  He had also thought that a book he had found on the subject, on Amazon, would make a wonderful wedding present for the Lovely Laura to help perfect her bridal homemaking skills.  If I were the Lovely Laura I would be very inclined to wrap Darrell up very securely in a roll of toilet paper of an industrial sized proportions if I was presented with this sort of prenuptial gift!  What is he like?


Anonymous said...

Well I never!!! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Neither did I, JtF!!!
I once stayed in a hotel where the towels were made into origami swans.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha - my signal that the bathrooms/toilets here have been thoroughly cleaned,primped, polished and are therefore to be used without throwing water all over the place is to do a v-shaped fold in the loo roll!

I'm gonna buy this book - signed, OCD Annie xx

MorningAJ said...

I think that's really sweet of him. Keep practising Darrell!

Anonymous said...

Wonders never cease!...You made my day....Never, ever thought of origami bathroom tissue...sooo creative....Darrell's artistic, styling, Gok Wan self continues to bring style ideas to everything....can't wait to see what he tackles next...Chateau Castle Greyskull is going to be a work of art top to BOTTOM....some of those are way toooo beautiful for use EVER....Dianne

marc said...

its a real art form next it will be carved fruit and veg and napkings folded in the shape of well any thing you can name big love marc

Anonymous said...

Never heard of that before! Keep trying Darrell - you'll get it eventually! x

bigmunkeyman said...

I'm gonna have a go at this ori... origum.... origamm... paper folding thingy !You're so clever !

Helena said...