Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stockholm Syndrome?

stockholm syndromeWe think Nigel has a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome as he only speaks of his captors in the very fondest of terms …. he said that he had been very well looked after and that he had wanted for nothing ….. Umbongo was on tap …. and there was a constant supply of Skittles …..
….. until they discovered that they made him a hyper – hyperactive! He even said that having his skin scrapped for any spare DNA had been a fun experience …… and yes ….. after Nigel’s first bath of freedom we were able to check that nothing about his person had been removed! Nigel said, just before going to sleep, that we should “Rule a line under the carpet” and that tomorrow was another day ……somethings cooking in the kitchen And all he wanted to do was spend that day back in the kitchen with Cook …..
Return to Duty…. and check to see if she and his beloved fridge were alright, bless him.
Jubbly SmoothieImagine his little face when he saw that while he had been “away” Cook had started to stock Strawberry and Banana Jubblies as a variation to the very popular orange ones, on his considered advice and recommendation …. he said that this exciting new development had almost made him forget about having his blood changed twice and his belly button swabbed!!! What is he like?


marc said...

great he is back i thought this might happen it could all come back to hunt him later it sounds that we might see lots of nigel looking monkeys around in the near futuer you dont think some big t company mat have plans for him do you who can say at least he has some new products to try Banana flover sounds yummy welcome home little nigel we missed you big love and showbiz wave Hugh and marc

Anonymous said...

Have you checked if Nigel glows green in the dark when all other lights are out? Just a thought - signed, a Roswell Fan :)

Anonymous said...

Time will reveal more I suspect.....we just need to be patient and give Nigel lots of assurance. He is safe and carefully listening to his free flowing thoughts while relating his experience should give us more information and clues to this mystery.....Love seeing dear Nigel back tending to the Jubblies....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Would the big company be making plans for Nigel? Groan.