Thursday, 18 October 2012

Making Plans For Nigel?

I am afraid there is still no news of Nigel whereabouts  …….. suffice to say Darrell has taken to his bed with one of Nigel’s t-shirts to smell and yield him some comfort ….. to be honest that t-shirt should have been put in the wash weeks ago ….. it reeks … but if it brings Darrell a quantum of solace at a time like this …. who am I to drag it away from him?
Nigel HaversHowever,  there has been a slight development …… but of which I have chosen not to share with Darrell for the moment …..
Making Plans for Nigel..……. namely someone has made several phone calls to me playing “Making Plans For Nigel” and then hanging up …….
Making Plans For Nigel….. and this note!
003xI’m sorry …… there’s only one plan for Nigel as far as I am concerned and that plan is to get him back home where he belongs and NOT for him to be used as a prawn in someone’s sad little games!
Back In A JiffyMark my words, heads will roll and all evidence is being sent to Tom The Scientists Forensic Laboratory, where all other cases have been put on hold until Nigel is returned!


Mr.D said...

Darrell will be in XTC if/when Nigel is returned.

Jennifer said...

So worried about poor little Nigel. After seeing the peanuts in the first note and then the word jiffy in the second note makes me wonder if there is a peanut butter type of connection???

marc said...

HORRAY TOM IS ON THE CASE with his giant brain and blood hound nose for finding clues he will most probly know were the dirt and dust on those nuts come from he will be able to hunt down the villians and we dont want court justice they should be chucked to the howling mob dipped in penutbutter and tied to a tree in a forst filled with ravenous squerrils or even bears, who can say what the howling mob will do to them but with TOM on the case their last days of freedom will be few big mob mentality anger marc

Anonymous said...

Agree completely with Marc! The miscreants responsible for Nigel's situation have been put on notice....Tom may be closing in right now on the location (via fingerprints, DNA, dust analysis, a single strand of thread) of their lair and they will be held responsible to the utmost for Nigel's well being! No peanut will be left unturned until Nigel is home and taking care of the frozen treats at school!!...So very worried but holding onto hope for a good ending...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Worrying times. I hope the mystery is solved soon and he is returned safely. I also hope that wherever he is he's getting enough food! I'm not sure how much longer we'll all cope with the stress! :-S