Monday, 22 October 2012

Julian Clary –Position Vacant …. Apply Within.

With all the trauma of Nigel’s “absence” Darrell really needed a night out to forget himself.
Situation Vacant Apply Within Julian Clary….. and so it was very fortuitous that after Celebrity Big Brother finished a couple of months ago Darrell got himself a ticket to see Julian Clary in Birmingham  …. I felt this could be a little risqué for him and that a lot of the show might go over his head ….. but, who am I to stifle Darrell’s growing cultural development?Pre Theatre NibblesMy trepidation was further justified when he sent me a text message that included a shot of him and his pre theatre comestibles, I have to admit to my heart sinking and my stomach turning ….. a shish kebab kebab? What is he like?  I really do need to work on his finesse!
Situation Vacant Julian Clary.Darrell’s excitement of actually seeing someone, in real life, who he had voted for and thus helped go on to win Celebrity Big Brother was both tangible and palpable …. as I am sure was the residual whaft of Darrell’s kebab to the people sitting around him.
Situation Vacant….. Anyway,  Darrell was a little disappointed but also a little relieved that Julian didn’t select him to go on stage as a potential “husband”,  but it was all very funny and Julian did not disappoint, although there are a few choice phrases that he used that Darrell has asked me to explain at my convenience ….. which I hope he will eventually forget about!
Julian Clary Situation Vacant TourWhen he got home …. and before he went to bed, Darrell was still on a high and so started a new section in his scrapbook entitled “Famous People What I Have Voted For And Have Seen In Real Life” … he was quite creative as he turned the picture of Julian into a pocket into which he slipped his ticket. I wonder who he will put in next ………??


Anonymous said...

Darrell's horizon just keeps expanding.....appears he had a great time and indulging his taste buds must have doubled the fun! .....His artistic ability is going full tilt with his scrapbooking....Whew!! all slowly returning to normal at Chateau Castle Greyskull is a relief!...But some uneasiness remains regarding Nigel....Dianne Dianne

Sarah S said...

I'm so pleased to see him getting out and about to forget the traumatic disappearance of Nigel. I also luuuuurve the hooded cardigan he went out in. Very "on trend"!! Not that I would expect anything less. We just need to see the reappearance of his barnet now. xx

marc said...

Sarah S Rick and i were saying the same thing about said cardigan and we would wear one out our selfs great scraping and pleased to see you had a light snack before you went out looks like you and crafty mum had fun big love marc

Mr.D said...

Julian has an opening that needs filling?

Mr.D said...

Remember his Wonderdog?