Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Very Emotional Day For Nigel ….

Sometimes peoples kindness and thoughtfulness totally overwhelms us and yesterday was just one such occasion when we all taken aback by aforementioned kindness towards Nigel ….
Parcel for Nigel….. one of the young ladies came to the office saying that she was looking for Nigel because she had a little present for him. It seems that both she and her mother had become increasing concerned about Nigel having to cross so many paths to get to and from the office and the school kitchen while all the building work was going on …..
Workmans Helmet…… especially with Nigel’s current propensity to dawdle around any area where there was either a site canteen or mesmerising activity of a constructional, heavy machinery type nature ….. and so,  between them they had put together something that would afford Nigel safe passage across the site!totally ovecomeSomething that left Nigel utterly bereft of words….  a tiny, Nigel sized,  reflective safety vest …..
reflective vest for a monkeyreflective vest
……. and a PROPER hard hat!  Let’s just say there were tears  ….. a LOT of tears …. and nose blowing …..
protective clothingIt took quite a long time and several cups of (builders) tea for Nigel to gather his composure and try on his new jacket and hard hat for size …..
building site Apparal They were PERFECT, and I am afraid more tears ensued ……
coat hook for NigelWhile all this was going on Darrell stayed in the background and had one of his Ulrika ka ka moments and found, and put up a little peg …..
2013-07-09 08.59.35….. for Nigel to hang his vest and hard hat on at the end of the day, but to be honest I don’t think we will be able to prise him out of them for a very long time …..
However we had cause to remonstrate Nigel a little because he forgot to ask the young lady her name  in all his emotion …. and her note was only signed “The Safety Elf”The safety elfSo can we ask, on his behalf that if the “Safety Elf” reads this she will pop back to the office …. because Nigel would like to say a proper “thank you” ….. when he is not all covered in snot and tears!!!


Anonymous said...

How kind for the safety elf. Good deeds make happy hearts. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Everyone loves Nigel.
The safety elf is a wonderful and thoughtful person.

YorkshireKaren said...

What a wonderful little elf! Deeds of kindness like this make my heart sing x

marc said...

WE love the safety elf what a fab person she rocks and must be a great person rock on safety elf big showbiz wave Hugh and big love marc