Saturday, 13 July 2013

Easy Like Saturday Morning ….

Darrell and Nigel left at the crack of dawn for their Rolling Stones Adventure ….
time to think….. and as the door slammed behind them and the “Goodbyes and I love you’s” faded in the distance as they skipped up the road,  a hallowed silence descended upon Castle Greysquirrel ….. and I decided, for once, to go back to bed ….. just because I could ….
tea in bed….. with a mug of tea, that I actually finished before it went cold …..
Reading In bed…… and, a little light reading!  Total and absolute bliss, especially  knowing that if I wanted to, I could stay in bed all day …
thoughts…… or at very least stay in my pyjamas and not bother to get dressed - “Wolverhampton Lounging”!


Anonymous said...

.........and why not indeed! JantheFan x

marc said...

it sounds perfect to me and as its a hot day you can stay in pjs or slip in to a pair of speedos and lounge in the garden by the pond sipping large glasses of iced pimms or white Russians made with ice cream in tall glass or bailys milk shakes and just a few niddle of frozen fruit and when it gets to hot put the sprinkler on and dance under it with gay abandonment while playing your fav records o summer time when you have the house to ones self just of to have my morning dip in the pool while marc makes us a little frozen espresso and fresh fruit salad for breakfast to kick start the day big Show biz wave and London lounging H

Mr.D said...

The title of the book appears to be "Las Vegas 4 queens."
One could also read it as "Moon Las Vegas." Careful - the latter could give a young monkey inappropriate ideas about dropping his trousers.
Marc and Hugh - I like your suggestions for a hot summer day at home. Sounds great.