Monday, 15 July 2013

Hotel Washbasin Review And Pipe Dreams!

The washbasin in Darrell and Nigel’s hotel bathroom very much impressed Nigel as he said it was like having his very own, bijoux,  indoor type swimming pool ….
Picture20…… with a Nigel sized diving platform …..
Picture21…. and an oblong shape conducive to the swimming off serious laps! In fact Nigel completed 66 lengths before breakfast on Sunday morning, in his high viz vest  and bubbles …. care of the complimentary peripherals basket …. and  NOT from Nigel himself!!!
Picture22The view from Room 400 was not quite so impressive or beautiful ….. but it did make them wonder about all the people who lived in the flats around them …. and marvel at all the hustle and bustle and noise from the street below ….. which never seemed to stop.
Picture23However, when Darrell investigated the fire escape, following the fire drill instructions as per on the back of the room door, he was greeted by a very different sort of view ….. that of a a real live London mews …..
“If ever I move to London to London Lounge on a permanent basis I am going to live in a mews …. in the centre of London, near Hyde Park, so if I left my windows open at night  I can hear all the concerts for free”  he mused …..“It would be soooooooooooo romantic”
What is he like? I hate to burst his bubble …. for although it might look like a posh Coronation Street,  the prices will certainly not be a la Coronation Street !!!!


Mr.D said...

Mews living - better get a cat.
Steed from The Avengers lived in a Mews house too.

Anonymous said...

Oh boys you so brighten my days! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

So often a mews in older British movies.......they did seem romantic......loved the mews in an old British movie called Genevieve.....Dianne

marc said...

You are right they start a 1.5 million for a one bed mews house there and go up to 4.5 million mind you this is London living 1st class as Stephan's house was valued at 33 million a smaller property two house down went for 29.5 million last week and Stephan's is classed as a statement house as it has a tower and the best view and its own private park how the other half live lol big love marc