Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Rolling Stones–Hyde Park 2013

To say Darrell and Nigel were overcome by their adventure in Hyde Park would be an understatement …. Darrell has experienced Take That a year or so ago …. but this was Nigel’s concert debut …. and what an aforementioned debut!
Just walking through the security was an experience in itself ……what with their mahoooisve M & S comestible picnic ensemble …..
…. and the fact that Darrell had a litre bottle of water concealed upon his person,  as he was afraid that water might be confiscated on the gate and once inside be very expensive. Admittedly  the lady did look at him a little strangely as she frisked him … but she still allowed him through.
Once inside it was like a huge old fashioned fairground, with rides, stalls and dancers and cuisine and beverages from all around the world …. this was beyond anything they had imagined.
They both fancied a Rolling Stones t-shirt as a memento of the day, but unfortunately the lady on the stall said that they just didn’t have much call for Nigel and Darrell sizes!
Once they had had a good look round and afforded safe passage to the loos several times, due to excitement issues,  they decided to secure a prime focal position,  somewhere where  they could see the stage, but even if Mick Jagger did look tiny weeny from where they were, they could still see what was going on clearly on a big screen.
However, their progress was somewhat hampered by lots of people stopping Nigel every few feet or so to ask him for directions or information,  mistaking him for an official “official”,  as he was still wearing his “high viz” vest from Lovely Alex,  the Safety Elf ….. as he still will not be parted from it!
Once Andy’s rug was laid and they were settled,  it was a long wait until The Stones would take to the stage but their robust tangible and palpable excitement helped keep them going and pass the time  …. as did their wading through their immense smorgasbord of provisions picnic! 
It also provided Nigel with his first experience of an inebriated person ….. he was not impressed …. and used his “high viz” vest and mistaken identity to it’s full advantage by telling the gentleman to move on …. stating with assured firmness that he couldn’t sleep in his current position as it contravened the “great sleeping in a public act of 1897”! What is he like?
When The Stones finally took to the stage it was a moment of great emotion for both of them ….. they were seeing Andy’s favourite band at last and seeing Keiff, Andy’s hero playing his riffs with a fag hanging out the corner of his mouth.
They sang along to all of the songs, because they had been indelibly ingrained in their hearts and souls by Andy, as he would play them almost every day in the office or on long car journeys to and from Sun £9.50 holidays. They sang ‘till their voices were hoarse.
It was WONDERFUL!  And when they looked up into the sky, they could see just one star …. fighting through the glare of the London lights, and wondered if it was Andy…….
…… not being able to resist a peek!


Anonymous said...

You've tugged at my heart strings boys. I'm sure Andy was rocking it on up there. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Andy was and is a star.
Andy's rug. (I didn't know he wore a wig.)
Andy's favourite band.
Andy's star in the sky.
What a poignant moment.

Pamela said...

Tears in my eyes as I type - but glad to see that you enjoyed yourselves.

marc said...

How Fab was all of that and the biggest star of the day turned out to be Andy big love marc and co

Anonymous said...

Perfect.....It was all meant to be........Dianne