Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nigel’s New Safety Gear - Affording Him Safe Passage Wherever He Goes ……

Nigel has been strutting round the school building site like a foreman possessed in his new workman’s apparel…. curtsey of The Delightful Alex (The Safety Elf) and her mum!
Building work safety wearHe has even been mistaken for a “G’vnor”, having been asked to which part of the site he wanted a lorry load of cement delivered …..
construction Site Nigel…. mayhem could very well have ensued had Darrell fortuitously not been just behind him when he was asked!
Orange Hard HatThe workmen are also getting accustomed to finding Nigel hanging around the various gates, a bit like a train spotter or groupie, hoping to engage them in even the tiniest bit of manly builder’s banter and be called “mate”!
Orange reflective vestEver the optimist,  he also reckons that it is now only but a matter of time before he is asked back to their site canteen,  in the portacabins …..
portacabin….. to sup on his very first mug of builder’s tea and even,  perhaps,  the odd fig roll or two …….
Carillion…. and be regaled with building site yarns that have been passed down from generation to generation ……
Nigel at his most hunkyOh,  Delightful Alex …. and her mum …. I wonder if you realise what latent dreams and aspirations you have unleashed in Nigel …. Safety wear…. and how he now insists on sleeping with his beloved new safety gear on his pillow, lest it should be “nicked”!


Mr.D said...

Delightful Alex and her mum have really captured Nigel's imagination.
Do they drink Portuguese fortified wine in the "port" cabins?

Anonymous said...

Bless - just watch he doesn't get too friendly with the cement mixer - Nigel looking inside the drum, losing his balance - the very thought makes my blood run cold. Stuff nightmares are made of. JantheFan x