Friday, 26 July 2013

Intrepid Nigel Goes Foraging At Darrell’s Behest ……

Unfortunately,  the bottom of our garden has become very overgrown, almost junglesque ….. and it’s hard to know what’s down there anymore ….. but Darrell had a funny feeling in his water that there could be some long lost strawberry plants “somewhere” amongst all the weeds and random foliage and managed,  with very little persuasion, to talk Nigel into going in there and foraging for forgotten fruits ……
foraging for strawberries….. reassuring him that in his high viz vest off it would be easy to pin point his position and hoist him out with a broken branch should he meet with any unexpected hazards of a perilous type nature!
strawberry pickingAll you could see for the first five minutes or so was a slight twitching in the aforementioned foliage,  this was shortly followed by sharp plaintive yelp from Nigel as he stung his bare ankles and feet on cluster of stinging nettles …. and then finally another yelp, this time of a jubilant variety  …. when Nigel struck fruit! Darrell was indeed correct …there were strawberries in them there weeds!
strawberries nom nom nomDarrell quickly rushed inside to get Nigel a bowl in which to gather his plunder,  …. yelling words of encouragement to him as he picked and urging Nigel not to yield against the temptation of eating any of the said fruit before he emerged from the “bush” …..
Nigel goes strawberry pickingThe kid done well, not the most mahoooosive of harvests …. but the fruit was ripe, juicy and exceeding plumpious ….
nom nom nom strawberries….. an ample sufficiency when shared between the three of us, served with a generous dollop of Cornish ice cream and a tiniest of squirts of squirty cream ….. nom, nom, nom!!! 
And poor Nigel’s feet and ankles? ….. Swathed in a dressing of dock leaves by Darrell …. Nigel, a hero in his own tea time!!!!!!!! 


Mr.D said...

Foraging at Darrell's behest? Sounds like looking round an unmentionable part of his anatomy!
Great find Nigel!

Anonymous said...

Intrepid Nigel really delivered after fighting his way through the jungle! ....Dianne

marc said...

well done a fruit is a fruit but with cream its a dream big love marc