Monday, 22 July 2013

It’s A Hard Job ….

Vimto lollipops.The end of term is fast approaching and it is a time when we can find ourselves called upon to help with jobs not usually in our remit ….. which are often ever so slightly more exciting than our normal chores.
vimto lolliesYesterday Nigel was called upon to do some sweetie counting of great import in preparation for Sports Day ….. the PE Department having been pointed in his general direction by Cook Lady after they had enquired as to a suitably trustworthy and meticulous mathematician who would be able to allocate enough lollies per class for after the event.
vimto lollyDarrell, unselfishly, volunteered to be Nigel’s armed guard during the rigorous counting process and to make sure that Nigel didn’t sample to many of the goods under the guise of freshness control!


Mr.D said...

That lolly would keep Nigel quiet for quite a while.

marc said...

Vimto flavour those look fab big love marc