Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Our Comestible Bucket List–Pop Tarts

We have started to put together a comestible bucket list of all the things we would like to eat,  but haven’t yet ……
Pop Tarts…. and No.1 on our list were Pop Tarts ….  we have never, ever tried them because we almost always start our day with a repast of Marmite, our savoury spread of choice, on toast,  …. occasionally we do veer,  but never to anything as grand as a Pop Tart!
008Well yesterday we decided to be very rash and make a dent in our aforementioned bucket …. and so bought our first ever pack of Strawberry Sensations Pop Tarts.  Why Strawberry Sensations you may ask …. well, mainly because they were the only flavour they had in our village Tesco Express when Darrell and Nigel went to make their very considered purchase!
Strawberry Sensation Pop Tarts..Once divested of all their packaging they looked and smelt robustly lovely ….
011But it seemed very wrong to put them in the toaster, Darrell being fearful of a melted icing and jam situation ….. and there being hell to pay at the resulting sticky consequences ….. but in for a penny in for a pound ….
Pop Tarts Strawberry SensationHowever, fortuitously mayhem did not ensue and the Pop Tarts were duly served intact  …
pop tarts nom nom nom…. and cut up and nibbled upon!
first bite is the deepestAnd did they live up to all years of the waiting and anticipation and their place on our bucket list?
Please sir can we have some more. pop tartsNom, nom, nom …. they certainly did …. right off our Richter Scale of noms …. 17 out of 10 in fact!


Mr.D said...

17 out of 10? Is this a record? I suspect it is.
Pop Tarts - I take it you don't mean popular female singers who have loose morals.
I have never eaten Pop Tarts and didn't realise they go in the toaster. I assumed they go in the microwave - perhaps both ways work.

Anonymous said...

I just might have to PoP a PoP tart into my basket this week boys and get myself PoP nomming! JantheFan x