Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Morning After The Night Before!

Darrell and Nigel arrived back at their hotel after The Stones concert still humming, very happily Honky Tonk Women and singing You Can’t Always Get What You Want,  but it is safe to say that as soon as their heads hit the pillow they were both out for the count! But, in the morning they both woke up in robust and perky mood, knowing that time was of the essence if they wanted to make the most of the time they had left in London ….. so after a swift coffee courtesy of the complimentary tray…..Nigel hit the shower first (still sans his high viz vest), followed by Darrell …
….. and then it was down to the Breakfast Room for a continental repast of toast, slices of cheese, a hard boiled egg or two, fruit juice and more coffee.  There was jam (confiture), and/or marmalade, but sadly no Marmite, our savoury spread of choice!
In the aforementioned Breakfast Room there was a display of useful information cards for tourists …. Nigel was particularly taken by the “How to Speak Cockney Rhyming Slang” one,  of which he availed himself,  so that when he went out into London he would be able to have a go at talking to the locals in their own language to show them that he had made an effort….. instead of just shouting at them to make himself understood!
They decided to visit Little Venice just down the road ….. it was beautiful …neigh stunning ….
……. and just sooooooooooo  romantic ….
………. even too romantic, if that’s possible, with a barge that was a Puppet Theatre ….. barges that took you to London Zoo or Camden Lock ….
….and barges that were turned into even more romantic cafes, where it would have been rude not to indulge in a drinkie poo  ……
…… or two …. or three
…..and where ducks swim in long romantic lines!
It made the canal, or “cut” as it tends to be called in Wolverhampton look like it was on a different planet ….. and made dragging themselves away very difficult for Darrell and Nigel.


Mr.D said...

Are there places to London Lounge in these cafes?
Sans high viz vest, or avec?

Anonymous said...

How lovely - that is a lovely write up on Little Venice - think you should apply for a post as a travel writer or hotel inspectors - what fun! JantheFan x

marc said...

you were 15 mins walk away boys that were we walk the girls next time your down we will get rick to drop us of there and we could walk or catch the barge to Camden market and now they have opened Paddington basin it is busy in the week with office type peps big love marc

YorkshireKaren said...

I've never been to Little Venice, but shall make sure I rectify that on our next trip darn sarf! It looks beautiful, and I will be sure to do a spot of London lounging while I'm there!

Anonymous said...

Always thought the barges (and their container gardens)and canals suggested romance, adventure, and maybe a mystery here and there....Dianne