Monday, 15 July 2013

Priorities First …. Royals First …. Closely Followed Tomorrow … By The Rolling Stones!!!

OMG ….. the minute Darrell and Nigel burst through the portals of Castle Greysquirrel,  signalling their triumphant return from London …. the peace was shattered …. but only in the most wonderful way!  It was so good to have them home.Now, I thought, mistakenly,  that their most immediate news would be of the Rolling Stones Concert, the reason for their visit,  … but no ….  Darrell was in a complete state of flux over more pressing and on-going news of a Royal type nature ….
Picture49It seems when they came out of Paddington Tube Station and heading towards their hotel,   Darrell and Nigel found themselves,  unbeknownst to them, outside St Mary’s Hospital where Prince William and Kate’s baby is due to be born any day now ….. in the Lindo Wing to be precise!
Picture50….. and found themselves amongst the gathering world’s press and their vans. It goes without saying that Darrell and Nigel hung around for several hours, walking past all the vans as nonchalantly and surreptitiously as they could, hoping to be called upon to give their insightful import by a particularly active Japanese crew they had spotted setting up for a report.
Picture51But alas,  despite all their best efforts their opinion wasn’t called upon …. “They really missed an opportunity there” said Darrell …. “Indeed they did” added Nigel …. “As I have already complied my list of Royal baby name suggestions!” I dread to think what he would have told them! 

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