Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Far Too Many Distractions For Nigel

Nigel got his first ticking off EVER from Cook yesterday for tardy time keeping!  He had no defence ….

003There is now a mahoooosive crane on the school site, lifting equally mahoooosive girders …. which unfortunatley has had a hypnotic effect on Nigel, holding him in its thrall.Crane on siteHe was totally honesty with cook, after apologising profusely for his time keeping and promising he would never, ever be late again …. but he said that his mind had wandered a little …..

Big Crane …. as to whom he could ask ……. about  the possibility of him doing a sponsored bungee jump from said aforementioned mahoooosive crane for charity!!!  What is he like?

Darrell and I are now working on an alternative route from our new orifice in the demountables which will afford Nigel safe passage away from all interesting building equipment and vehicles!


marc said...

Nigel your have to start leaving early so you can get to work on time with and will have to put a time limit on how long you pounder on things be carful young monkey there are 100s of others out there looking for good jobs so you could be replaced in a blink of a eye big love marc

Anonymous said...

Yikes! A bungee jump....an alternate route to escape temptation seems like a necessity....this heavy equipment fascination doesn't seem to be fading...what next?....Dianne

Mr.D said...

You said blink of an eye - I say put blinkers on Nigel when he is in the vicinity of the cranes and such like.