Saturday, 27 July 2013

Darrell … Trying To Find Love .. Online

You know I am get a touch wary whenever Darrell goes quiet, especially when he is on the computer …. and yesterday was no exception ….
looking for love
It seems that Darrell is looking to find “lurve” through the medium of on-line dating  ……. I knew I was letting him watch too much unsupervised Millionaire Matchmaker!
Looking for love 2
He told me that he had decided right from the very start that he was going to be robustly honest in a Hello Magazine type way when writing his profile …
… so as not to mislead any young lady who liked the sound of him and thus might then wish to “message” him …
….. even if it was brutally warts and all …. if he has a verruca then he was going to declare it!
He asked me to check everything he had put down thoroughly before clicking the “next” button ….
…. I found his honesty very moving in parts and found myself stifling several manly sniffs.
Choosing his profile picture then took us quite a while as you can imagine with Darrell, as once again he wanted to be duly diligent as not to mislead.
…. If he was lucky enough to agree to meet a prospective young lady,  how awful would it be if that said young lady in question walked right past him on their first date because his picture bore no resemblance to how he looked in the flesh!!!
However, the worrying part for me will be waiting for Darrell’s profile to be approved, especially after what happened when he and Nigel applied to be The Face of Kinder ….  the hope in his heart at the moment could be shattered by another rejection …..
…. especially in matters of “lurve”!


Mr.D said...

Great picture for his profile!
I'm sure that he will get plenty of young ladies applying.
They will want to meet young Nigel too. This could be a problem.

marc said...

I am sure he will get a few ladies replying to him he has been himself as they say on big brother big love marc

Anonymous said...

Certainly there must be a lovely lady in cyberspace who would be captivated by Darrell's exceedingly good looks, charm and appealing answers.....Dianne